Our Values


Our Values

Collaboration and community: The occupants of a co-working space often collaborate with one another, even if they work in unrelated industries. They become bound together to form a tight-knit community over time through shared experiences. Workeasy looks forward to facilitating productive interactions between members, fostering the relationships that exist between them and creating opportunities for members to interact with one another.

Openness: The people who work in coworking spaces are open-minded with fellow members of the community, making it easy for everyone to feel like they fit in. In a coworking space, you never know who you’ll work next to, what you’ll learn or what you’ll get involved with from day to day interactions. Being open to the unexpected often makes leasing coworking space rewarding for many community members.

Sustainability: This, in a coworking community is primarily about supporting, nourishing and encouraging fellow co-workers. It’s about giving, about contributing, for it is through these actions that the community itself – made up of individual people – is sustained. By its very nature, coworking tends to be eco-friendly as well. Resources such as power, phone, internet service, and even space are shared in a much more efficient manner, compared to alternative working style.

Accessibility: Coworking spaces are about offering affordable alternatives to the community. Providing a financially as well as physically accessible option to independent workers is the reason why we chose this location, one of the most popular commercial hubs in the centre of the city.

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